4-7-8 Breathing for anxiety
Polyester Studio collaborated with artists to design the look and feel for individual videos on their animated loop series on breathing techniques. I got a chance to tackle the 4-7-8 breathing technique, also known as “relaxing breath,” which involves breathing in for 4 seconds, holding the breath for 7 seconds, and exhaling out forcefully for 8 seconds. The studio gave me room to flex as a director, and to work closely with their talented animator. Production Studio: Polyester Studio Direction and Design: Patrick Dias Animation: Oliver Dead Sound: Jeff Moberg
Swatcheroo: A short film for an After Effects tool
In this short film, a strange creature enters into a new world, and is quickly adopted by a colony of rabbits. Zack Lovatt—AE technical guru—approached me to do a quick and simple release video for his After Effects tool called Swatcheroo, a tool that let's the user swap colours in a composition with ease using a familiar swatch UI. I said, "well if you let me do a short film instead, i'm in". To my surprise, he said yes, and I unexpectedly spent the next several weeks drawing litters of bunnies. To our knowledge, this is the first "short film" created for the release of an After Effects plugin or tool. It was also mentioned on the School of Motion's year end podcast episode where they talk about exactly that. schoolofmotion.com/blog/year-end-review-2019 www.swatcheroo.tv Directed by Patrick Dias Sound by Jason Stamatyades Special thanks to Janet Mac
Missed Connections: "Was that your limb? - w4m"
With narration sourced from a real Craigslist Missed connections ad, and visually wrapped with a fictional narrative—this is a story of a space captain late for his own launch, and the woman who was at the right place but at the wrong time. This was a project that has been—on and off—2 years in the making, requiring me to learn and develop skills in animation principles, Photoshop, Animate cc, and 3D to complete. The film works as a thesis to showcase my conceptual thinking, as well as my directorial skills. I am thankful to be surrounded by such amazing individuals who have supported me, and who have had their hand in elevating this passion project to the stratosphere and beyond. Without you all, this wouldn’t have been possible.
Toronto International Film Festival: Taika Waititi
Polyester Studio tagged me in to collaborate on an exciting project for the Toronto International Film Festival. They were creating a video based on an interview that featured Taika Waititi talking about the importance of cultures telling their own stories. My role was to conceptualize and design styleframes for the second half of the narration. I focused on emphasizing keywords from each line of dialogue with abstract or symbolic imagery, and creating storyboards to get across my ideas for the potential direction of the animation.
Google Avatar Project
A collection of 3D character avatars and gifs for Google's Avatar Project, consisting of thirty fun characters for Google's designers and engineers to use in internal and external mockups and products. The collection aims to make viewers think more critically about diversity, inclusivity and representation.
Food Revolution / Video
Jamie Oliver’s TED Talk, “Teach Every Child About Food”, inspired us to create a video that would be just as captivating as his words. Our goal of pairing Jamie’s speech with clever and playful visual representations, was brought to life through a mixture of cel animation, live action prop work, and tactile design.
Design & Motion Reel
Some of the design/motion work that made the cut from 2016-17.
Short Film / Under Production
A personal short film that I'm working on part time, as a passion project. Sets were made by an amazing squad of talented ladies. Storyline manifested by Janet Mac and I.
Chomper's Club / Designs
A series of videos introducing the Chomper's Club doggy teeth cleaning chews and how they work!
Hydro One / Design
Style frames from a series of videos explaining what procedures the hydro company takes before, during and after a storm. Made to better educate and develop understanding about the processes with the public.
Paragon Security / Design
A guard recruitment video created for a security company. It highlights the key reasons why security is a great career choice, and how you can utilize the company to climb high on the career ladder.
Rogers National Media Explainer / Design
This is a "director's cut" version to bring more excitement and pop to what is supposed to be an unveiling explainer video for Rogers. The original designs that were used for the animation can also be found here.
TD Bank Career Report Explainer / Video Series Reel
Animation reel cut from 5 explainer videos done for an internal explainer for TD. The videos were 3-5 minutes each and created within a month. Visual inspiration was a mixture of collages, infographics and old encyclopedias. The reel's song is "Waves" by Tourist.
Civix 2016 / Video Series
Illustrations and designs done for three educational videos on Canada's revenues and expenses. "Understanding where money goes and how it’s spent is necessary to be financially responsible, but it’s not the most exciting topic to discuss. Campfire created a series of engaging and colourful videos, explaining the Canadian government's process to young Canadians. This gives them an opportunity to learn where the government gets funding, how it’s used, and encourage viewers to form their own opinions on how money is allocated."
Civix 2015 / Video Series
We teamed up with Thought Café to create a series of videos to teach students about government basics and the elections. The colour palette and illustration styles were picked specifically for the adolescent demographic of elementary and high school students. Each topic had a unique theme that students would be able to relate to—such as building blocks, card games, apps and games—making the videos more captivating, engaging and digestible, increasing viewership by at least 170%.
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